nice weather we're having

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haha when can i actually say that sentence and mean it?

It's usually used for small talk and it's so funny na parang lagi nalang siyang "ice breaker" na pang-joke na parang wala na siyang sense at meaning. You know when you say a certain word for so many times it loses its meaning? Parang ganun. Haha.

Anyway, the weather was kinda weird today, when I woke up it was kind of dark pero after a few hours the sun came out and it was awfully hot I was practically melting and then it became windy (the wind was awfully unpredictable though-- it came from everywhere plus when it's there na it suddenly goes out bigla and then it comes back again and then... yeah so you could just imagine kite flying in that kind of wind condition).

Went home south today for Holy Week but will be back in Katipunan next week for graduation stuff-- I'm actually just looking for reasons to still go back there, I'm not yet ready to let go eh (aysus). Hehe.

Great day today. :)

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