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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i just finished my paper due tomorrow but i still have a machine problem in cs 32 that's due on thursday.

i haven't started doing it. in fact, i just sent the algorithm specs that i was supposed to send yesterday before 12 midnight -- oh wait, i did sent it yesterday, just to the wrong address. stupid me. i sent the email to ...@yahoo.com when it was supposed to be @yahoo.CO.UK. CRAP CRAP CRAP! CRAP CRAP CRAP!

you may be thinking to yourself, "why is this girl still blogging and complaining when she can just work on her mp instead?"

well, that's me. this is my blog. i choose what i will do.

and i just wish someone would ---

ah, forget it. i've been through enough, learned much the hard way, and have become wise enough not to believe and expect too much from other people. you are not my boyfriend.

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random thoughts @ 12:38 AM


Sunday, August 26, 2007

i decided to cut my hair short as a way of catharsis (as carla said haha). yep, i had my hair cut short last last wednesday (oo, ngayon ko lang nablog. busy?) and many people have been quite shocked by the big change that i did to my hair. well, as arvin also said, maybe this will be the start of something new -- maybe good changes to my life will happen after this -- kumbaga, it has to start somewhere 'di ba? change of image = change of life style = change of life (yehes!)

well, after i cut my hair, it was kinda weird but i really felt good and light and all that. i felt as if i lost so much baggage. gumaan talaga yung feeling ko. i really don't know what it is with girls and cutting their hair when something happens (it's either you're in love or you're out of love, they say), but hair cuts really help! hehe. i think i won't be having one any time soon though. naisip ko tuloy, pano kung maheartbroken na naman ako, wala na kong magugupit sa buhok ko, ayoko naman magpakalbo! haha.

i have yet to see more changes in my self. perhaps i'll start attending my classes diligently. and perhaps i'll stop cramming. (yeah right.)

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random thoughts @ 12:13 AM

must see videos

Friday, August 17, 2007

if you are depressed (like me) and you have nothing better to do than sulk at home then this is the post for you!

watch these videos on youtube and roffle (hi jeune):
1. Planet Unicorn episodes 1-5
2. Charlie the Unicorn
3. Harry Potter It's Ok to be Gay
4. LOTR Orgy
5. They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard
6. 300 Ilonggo

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Monday, August 06, 2007

instead of ranting about how much i need more time, i've decided to take a crash course on time management and temporarily take a leave of absence from blogging. my acad life is whack and my ictus life is getting more time from me than i expected. but i know i'll get through this, i just need to set my priorities right. I WILL STUDY MORE. (i can suddenly hear all my friends saying "narinig ko na yan." "yeah right, joelle." haha. thanks ah.)

i have an exam on tuesday, and an mp algo presentation on thursday. cs140. i have a group presentation for geog 1 due on monday. i have a paper for mp10 due on aug.28. oh, and might i forget, i have an outstanding mp in cs32 (dear mayee, i just remembered, where's the letter? haha)

then it's interview week for the ictus apps!

yey. see you in a while.

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