Of wedding rings

Saturday, February 27, 2010

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random thoughts @ 1:28 PM


Friday, February 26, 2010

how would you feel if things were going so well and then you do this one small mistake and everything's ruined?

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random thoughts @ 5:01 PM

Internet Perks

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random thoughts @ 3:53 PM

so far

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i think this is my most unproductive day yet.


woke up at 12:30 then went online.

and the rest, is history.



Grabe sobrang bored na ako pero if you think about it, 4 hours palang pala ako gising. What a day. Tapos tomorrow, I only have PE so wala na naman akong gagawin the whole day! On Friday, wala na naman akong class. Whyyy? Whyyy??

At least I have something to look forward to on Friday. MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY! Hahaha! Jologs amp.

Hmm. I'm actually pretty happy today, as I have been for the past few weeks. It's great to feel and know that you're happy :) And the fact na you're not worrying too much about stuff is a great thing too!

Plus, I've got great friends. It's very nice to know that you have people you can always count on-- no matter what happens! Haha. Parang kung anu-ano nalang sinasabi ko 'no? I'm really bored eh. God. Haha.


Watched any good movies lately? I'm thinking I should already start downloading a lot of movies so as to kill my boredom every Wednesday. Hahaha.

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random thoughts @ 4:01 PM

words cannot express...

... yun. hahaha. nagblog pa amp. hahaha.

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random thoughts @ 1:31 AM

bad day

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ate breaded pork FAT for lunch and then ate a lot of cheesecake and then drank coke.

didn't have much of a dinner, only had a lot of fries.

so much for living healthy, eh? :))

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random thoughts @ 1:55 AM

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

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random thoughts @ 11:38 AM


i have been in a generally good mood these past few days! it's been a long time since i've been like this so yeah, kaya parang mas masaya ako. :))

and i'm proud to say that i didn't eat meat today, nagfasting din ako! haha! yey!

yun lang.


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random thoughts @ 12:41 AM


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why is it called "taking a pee" or "taking a sh*t" when really, you're not taking anything-- instead, you're actually "giving" something pa nga eh.


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random thoughts @ 6:55 AM


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my definition of a productive day:

12hrs of sleep
1hr for hygienic activities
2hrs eating time
4hrs chatting with friends/facebooking/tweeting
1hr of staring into nothingness
1hr planning what i'm going to do
1hr writing
2hrs actual work

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random thoughts @ 1:24 PM


Monday, February 15, 2010

can a guy and a girl ever be "just friends"?

at one point or another, one is bound to fall for the other.

don't you think?


btw, background checks are sobrang nakaka-hassle. haha

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random thoughts @ 5:31 PM


Friday, February 12, 2010

Waiting for something is extremely excruciating.


It's the waiting that's so weird and uncomfortable and ewan.

I don't wanna anticipate anything na para wala nalang problema. Haha.

But really, some things are worth the wait. :)

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random thoughts @ 11:03 PM

Long weekend

I went home yesterday to attend the funeral of my Tito Erwin (rest in peace Tito Erwin! We'll miss you!) so I decided not to go to class nalang kahapon and today.


SO I've been bumming around since yesterday and grabe I'm so bored. Tapos naisip ko sobrang daming oras na nasasayang 'pag nandito lang ako sa bahay. It's either I'm MOE-ING or I'm sleeping. Or eating.

Haha. Very productive, ano?

Tomorrow i'll be going on my PI 100 field trip so I'd have to wake up early! Wish me luck kasi baka maiwan ako ng bus. :)) On Sunday naman, on Valentine's Day aka Single Awareness Day or SAD, me and my family will be watching the hot air balloon festival sa Clark! :) Yey! Exciting! Finally something to look forward to. Haha. Ang bilis no, parang kelan lang kakasimula palang ng 2010, now kalahati na ng Feb. How fast time flies. Hay. Before I know it I'll be working na! Gad. Well, I guess that's better than just bumming around like this 'di ba. Haha. At least I'd be around more people :)

Grabe I'm graduating na, I can't believe it. Parang kelan lang I was still a freshie in UP ngayon ggraduate na ko. Huhu. Gusto ko pa mag-aral. Pero gusto ko na rin grumaduate :)) Hay.

I'm so happy right now, how is everyone else?:) I've learned to not expect and just let things happen. That does us a lot of good, really. If you expect kasi madalas madidisappoint ka lang. If you don't expect, you'll be very happy if something happens. 'Di ba? I'm still working on the detachment thing-- yeah, detachment is key guys! If you don't wanna get too involved or if you don't wanna get hurt, you'd have to be less attached to stuff (or people haha!). Yun lang. Very insightful yet boring day.

Might watch The Blind Side later. :) 'Pag sobrang na-bore na ako. Haha.

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random thoughts @ 5:43 PM


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Last UP Fair ko na 'to as a college student. But I don't feel like going. Weird. Dapat super excited ako but then I'm not... Siguro dahil din sa hindi masyadong na-feel ang "fair spirit" dahil sa kakulangan ng mga pub mats sa campus? At dahil din siguro wala na akong involvement whatsoever sa fair. Hehehe.

Yun lang. I feel so old.

On a lighter note though, I'm happy to say that I've accomplished the things that I needed to do for this week! And I am proud to say that I won't be a bum for too long (proud pero medyo sad kasi gusto ko pang mag-bum)! Haha!

Celebration! Woot! :)

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random thoughts @ 9:43 PM

counterfactual thinking

Monday, February 08, 2010

yan daw yung mga what if what if mo sa buhay.

akalain mo nga nama't pinapag-aralan din pala yan? ang sabi raw, be contented with what you have. eh sa totoo lang, ang hirap nun diba? lalo na kung marami pang ibang bagay na paligid-ligid. at lalo na kung marami kang ibang pwedeng pagpilian, ibang choices kumbaga.

when will you stop asking for more? when will you stop thinking about the things that you don't have and when will you start appreciating what you have?

buti pa raw dati, mas simple ang buhay, mas masaya ang mga tao kasi konti lang naman ang pagpipilian e, konti lang di ang pagnanasahan. madaling makuntento. eh pano na ngayon, kulay lang ng bolpen e saksakan na ng dami pano pa kaya ang ibang bagay (haha ang layo lang nitong example na to)-- pano ka pa makukuntento?

sabi nga, magiging masaya ka lang kapag natutunan mo nang maging kuntento sa kung anong meron ka. asus. ang hassle ah. haha! joke lang.

hi nikka! learned something new from you today! :))

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random thoughts @ 1:11 AM

Sure Housing Stimulus

Sunday, February 07, 2010

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Ah, the benefits! For those who have just recently acquired a new home, suit up because you can get up to about $8,000 tax credit! While 5-year homeowners (within the past eight years) can get up to $6,500 tax credit. More reasons to file for tax credit this year, right? Not only will you be able to help yourself but also the whole economy.

It has been said that no tax credit extensions can be foreseen in the near future—so why waste these opportunities to avail of a tax credit this 2010? See, people who just rent apartments can now buy their own homes; while people living in the same place for years can now “move up” and find perhaps a better home. Qualified homeowners are given until April 30, 2010 to file their contracts and by June all properties must already be closed. So what are you waiting for? Go on and find out about these tax credits by visiting this link: Housing Stimulus-- this site has a very informative video that people should watch to know more about tax credit details.

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random thoughts @ 1:42 AM


Monday, February 01, 2010

saying i'm confused is an understatement.

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random thoughts @ 12:04 AM


Joelle. 19. Sober.


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