Nothing beats good education

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quality of education should never fall short of great expectations. To be able to succeed well in life, one must be able to get good education—it always pays to know enough to get you through the day. There are many fields that you can choose from; you can actually study about almost anything that your heart desires! If you are into electronics, there are always engineering courses available for you. If you are into people and how their minds work, you can start with psychology!—or get a Ph.D. in Psychology. Or you can choose to give back and help out by getting a m.s. in education. See, there are many institutions that offer good education, college degrees, masters degrees, and even doctorates can be obtained by studying well and hard in these educational institutions. Medicine is also a popular field as you can really help a lot of people by applying what you may learn here. One popular field in medicine is nursing, in fact there are a lot of students taking up a B.S. in Nursing. I know everyone has a dream—and this dream can surely be achieved through good education. Know what you want and get what you want by studying well and hard—work for it and you will surely get it!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally, I can say that I am a proud Bachelor of Computer Science Graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman-- College of Engineering. :)

Congrats BATCH 2010! :)

Fun, fun day. Although fail kasi 'di pa rin ako nakapagpapicture kay Sir Quiwa. So may unfinished business pa ako sa Eng'g. Hahaha! Ihuhunt ko na talaga si Sir Quiwa. HAHAHA.

Yun lang.


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how would you feel

Friday, April 23, 2010

if you wake up and no one's there?

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random thoughts @ 6:57 PM

grad jitters

graduation day tomorrow. wonder what'll happen. would it be different? would it be exhilirating? would it be fun? would it be boring? would it be emotional? would it suck? would it be messy? would it be perfect?


tomorrow i'll be closing a 5-year chapter of my life.

hello, real world.

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random thoughts @ 3:05 PM

Why not go with modern furniture?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There came a time when people always chose to go with the more antique furniture to complement their homes—today though, modern furniture prove to be as good as the former that’s why more and more people now choose to give their homes a contemporary spin. Contemporary furniture can be used to fill up your bedroom or living room—bedroom furniture (like shelves) will always make your room better and cozier; while living room furniture like, perhaps, a leather sofa could make your home a more visitor-friendly one. So, when planning your dream home or when simply redesigning your current home, don’t forget to consider the beauty of contemporary furniture that can improve your house’s look.

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random thoughts @ 8:34 PM

Of trucks and men

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trucks have this certain appeal to men of all ages—and as with all things, men always have to be better than anyone else (c’mon, admit it guys!) so they always tend to gear their things up and invest greatly on accessories. Vehicles really tickle the fetish of men that’s why websites like may prove to be one of their most visited ones. offers accessories for cars and trucks that are well worth their prices—check out the site and find the perfect accessory for your vehicle! Choose from chrome door handles, vent visors, bug shields or get a ladder rack and make your car or truck uniquely yours.

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random thoughts @ 4:52 PM


Got our UPG yesterday from the OUR. Apparently, nung 2005, 2.322 ang cut-off sa Diliman, 2.2 sa Manila. Wow, so mas mahirap palang makapasok ng UP Manila kesa UP Diliman (at least nung taong nag-apply kami sa UP, nag-iiba pala kasi yun bawat taon). Pwet yan. All this time akala ko mas mahirap makapasok sa Diliman. Naguho yung mga prinsipyo ko sa buhay (haha, 'di naman lahat).

And ang funny, sobrang baba ko sa Science. Tapos Computer Science yung course ko. WTF, right? Sa Reading Comprehension ako mataas. Dapat nag-English course nalang ako or something, baka sakaling nag-Laude pa ako. Lintek na CS yan. Naging pangarap ko nalang pagkatapos nung pangalawang sem ko sa UP ay ang makapasa't maka-graduate. Wala nang laude-laude. Ano ako, matalino? Hahahaha.


Tapos sobrang hassle nung sa TCG, sabi sa akin kahapon, bawal pa kumuha. Sa OUR daw dapat-- dapat ma-clear ka muna. Apparently, hindi pala. Hayz p0hwz (eee)

Pero ok na rin, nag-enjoy naman ako kahapon sa UP. Pero wala pa kong closure sa UP at sa Katipunan. Lintik. 'Di pa tuloy ako maka-move on.


Funnily, I took part in two contracts yesterday: one was with my girlfriends (PBs! <3) and the other one was with a friend. The first one's kinda light, we set out punishments of sorts for the first one who'll date a new guy, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend (HAHAHAHA). I really wonder who's going to be the first one. :)) The other contract I made was to ensure my quitting.

I'm quitting. Seryoso na 'to. :) (dun sa mga walanghiya kong kaibigang magsasabing "ulul", suportahan niyo nalang ako. :)) )

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh i take that back-- we aren't ending things on a high note after that, Katipunan.

it's times like this when you wonder, why, Lord? and you can't find yourself anymore 'cause your already down the drain.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've been opening this page for four days now but I couldn't think of anything to write.

Um. So, today, I'll try.

I woke up this morning at 6:40. It's 9:45 now. I just got out of bed because I still wanted to sleep but to no avail. It's weird how you can spend three hours in bed with closed eyes but still be awake the whole time.

Today will be the last day I'll be in my dorm here in Katipunan. Tomorrow, I'll be moving out. I got through last night with a smile on my face because things were working out quite well for everyone. Today, I guess I'll be bumming around watching movies and new episodes of my favorite TV series. Tonight, I'll be having a good night (haha). And I'll be emo-ing about the fact that I'll be letting go of this place that took me in for five years of my life. I shall miss you Katipunan-- and everything about you.

Those crazy nights I've spent here. The people I met. The boring, empty days. Everything.

I'll miss how I can get to Mcdo in less than 10minutes. I'll miss how I can walk around you whenever I want to. I'll miss being walked to My Place. I'll miss hanging out at 3 in the morning with one of my bestest friends in the world. I'll miss talking like there's no tomorrow at Starbucks. I'll miss being able to wake up thirty minutes before class and leaving for it ten minutes after it's supposed to start. I'll miss wasting my life away at Drew's. I'll miss hanging out at Batcave just because it's convenient to go there even without having to take a bath. I'll miss Flaming Wings. I'll miss all of you.

It's amazing how there's a lot of places you can visit in Katipunan-- come to think of it I've gone out with people to so many places in Katipunan alone. Interesting.


Will be over in a two weeks. Graduation's just around the corner. It's beautiful how we now come to a close on such a high note. :)

Thank you. :)

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random thoughts @ 9:30 AM

what a beautiful mess this is

Saturday, April 03, 2010

it's like taking a guess when the only answer is "yes"


As the Holy Week comes to a close, it saddens me that it wasn't as "holy" as I expected it to be-- you know, no retreats or recollections, I wasn't able to connect that much with God this week and it sucks. And that was probably brought about school requirements and such that carried over this week. Hassle 'no?

And so I resorted to a few online mini-retreats/recollections to at least have some time to reflect.

But still, it's not enough eh.

I have some things on my mind-- questions that need answering--

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Joelle. 19. Sober.


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