Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ibang klase ang blogger ngayon, akalain mo nga naman, filipino na ang language. paano niya kaya nalaman na taga-Pilipinas ako at nagsasalita ako ng filipino? oh so smart. ang daming psychic today, even the person sitting beside me is psychic (hi gia) ang hirap pala ispell ng psychic.


so back to blogspot in filipino.

kamusta naman ang "pumasok" at "nagkakarga". ang sagwa talaga eh. ang kinky na ng blogspot ngayon, or is it just me?

anyway, it's funny how drinking can become a habit. three nights in a row ba naman. hello drews core group! hahaha :)

you guys make me happy. always. salamat. hihihihihi.


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random thoughts @ 10:31 PM

three strikes and you're out.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

i'm out.

maybe stuff like that isn't really for me. (i can't really mention it. i think it's too emo to do so. and i'm so not emo right now. eeeww. see angsty.) well, these are what my friends have to say:

Aaron Caparaz: hahaha,, not for you.. right now.. :D

yen yen: tama ka, malandi guys should go to hell.

HAHAHA. actually, i wasn't supposed to have that as my status but then it just popped out of nowhere (you know how autofill tends to fill out everything for you like you're the laziest and dumbest specie in the planet? that's what happened. thank you, autofill. you changed my life. ...right.)

i just remembered adam sandler's speech in the kid's choice awards which i watched this afternoon. he was thanking the inventor of the potato chip bag and the pillow. hahaha. well, tama rin naman. if there weren't any potato chip bags, we'd be "carrying the chips in our shirts", as adam sandler said. and he was thanking the inventor of the pillow for all the naps. haha. and for that, i'd like to thank the inventor of the razor, you save me from hairy legs and hairy armpits when i need an instant shave-- that is, when i have a "date" and i only have 30 minutes to fix myself. haha, joking. no to dating... well, exclusive dating at least. haha!

hay. before i start getting emo, and of course, to top off the night, we end the session with wowie's kakatihan which i enjoyably share:

wowie: himas himas!!!! :)) [with regards to being the towel holder of our big-time crush rafael nadal who will take us home soon (yey, magbreak na kayo ng girlfriend mo. 21 ka palang. pwedeng-pwede! hahaha!)

hay. mahal kita wowie. you never fail to make me laugh. :))

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random thoughts @ 11:58 PM

not worth it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

not worth the pain, the tears, the effort.

< >

buti nalang tapos na ako mag-enroll (sure. ano connection nun?)

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random thoughts @ 1:33 AM


Joelle. 19. Sober.


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