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Thursday, November 29, 2007

it's that time of year once again when you suddenly feel so awfully alone and wonder what you did wrong to deserve such bitterness and loneliness. this usually carries over till the first quarter of the next year until you experience another heart-wrenching single-awareness day.

in short, more emo days ahead for me. ha!

kadire. ick. brr. cold.

i want to... watch grey's anatomy and eat pizza and ice cream all night. tara.

line of the week: "why are you making things so complicated?" wehehe. inom!

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random thoughts @ 12:40 PM


Thursday, November 22, 2007

i'm so sick. of love songs. ...JOKE. hehe. unfortunately, i've been sick (literally) since tuesday. boo fever and flu. huhuhu. dapat akong magbioflu (uy, rhyming.)

but i feel a bit better thanks to trev's decolgen (haha).

i think i should rest now. tomorrow din. tsk tsk tsk. i shouldn't be out blogging. i should be at home. instead of cutting 7am classes, i should just sleep early and wake up early.

it's so sad. it's only the second week of classes (tama ba?) and i've already cut five out of six subjects at least once. it sucks. really. and i thought i said that i'd be taking my academics seriously this sem. (pero just to defend myself, yung isang cut diyan kaninang umaga kasi sobrang groggy talaga ako at may sakit... yung iba, may sakit talaga ako nun. pero kayang pumasok pero hindi pumasok. TSK JOELLE!)

i should rest, really. and study.

ENG'G WEEK NAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (well, hindi pa pero, you know. exciting!)

hello mayee my new live in partner! haha! kisskisshughug bffl :))

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random thoughts @ 11:17 PM


Sunday, November 18, 2007

So I've been thinking. A lot. First week in school was cool and very eventful. Wow, imagine, first week palang yun, what more sa second week? Third week? Okay fine, tama na. So there. Hello kei sweetie, I'm going to mention you in my post because you're saving me from a lot of stress. Ha ha. I love you! :p Anyway, so I was telling Kei about, well, basta. And all she said was, to end my confusion and distress, "Time is not a linear construct. If it wasn't worth it before, it won't be worth it now, or anytime in the future." Amen. Kudos to Ms. Ella din pala kasi sa kanya niya yun nakuha. Ha ha. Hay. Life. Cuts like a knife. (Weh, joelle, weh.)

Nabasa ko sa isang banner sa yahoo mail homepage ang "Get what you deserve at [insert fast food chain here]". Pero nasabi rin sa aming klase na "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you go after."

Yun lang. So that explains life in general, I think.

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random thoughts @ 6:02 PM


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hee. walang kwentang post.

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random thoughts @ 8:15 PM


Monday, November 12, 2007

may i just say, naiinis ako. sobra.

hee. will blog about it soon.

yun lang.

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random thoughts @ 1:06 AM

tired... yet very happy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

i just got home from a freakishly long bus ride where i was able to almost finish reading Of Love and Other Demons.

trust me, I should never be left alone. I really suck at directions. Imagine getting lost at an MRT station -- wow joelle, how smart of you. But that's not the issue now. The issue at hand is my appeal for readmittance. 'Di ba? ...Well, as some of you may have been bombarded by my text kanina, TANGGAP AKO!!!!!!!!!! CS PA RIN AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!! CS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sobrang nagtatatalon kami ni Dan kanina when we heard the news (well, not really. nasa trike si Dan when she found out eh, pero same banana.)

i'm so happy! i don't care about the bus ride anymore. when i think about it, mas importante pa rin na CS pa rin ako. 'di ba? 'di ba? prayers work. :)

Oh, and by the way, hindi ako college scholar, computer science ako. ha ha!

(I had a blast kanina at Trinoma watching gameplan. I love my friends. :) )

...I just realized how erratic my capitalization is. wala lang. Hehe.

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random thoughts @ 10:11 PM

wish list

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

yey, it's almost Christmas! ...well, not really but, you get it. "-ber" month na kasi (nung september pa, actually.) so yun lang. wth. yey new layout! and since i'm still waiting for my appeal results (pray pray pray) i decided to pass the time by making a wish list! (para malibang at 'di na masyado ma-tense at ma-depress)


1. iPod nano
2. new jeans
3. new shorts
4. new flip-flops
5. new jacket (or sweater)
6. new phone (please lang, dilapidated na 'to masyado)
7. Gabriel Garcia Marquez book set (or kahit Love in the Time of Cholera lang tsaka Chronicle of a Death Foretold)
8. Mirrormask by Neil Gaiman (alam niyo, sale 'to sa Fully Booked last September. PhP500 lang.)
9. Money.
10. Something(one?) new. ha ha!
11. Passing grades. (Yey. Parang nabibili 'to eh 'no)
12. A bunch of new DVDs!
13. Grey's Anatomy Season 3
14. Money for ICTUS. (Carstuffing!!!)

Can't think. Will be back.

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random thoughts @ 1:31 PM

i need your prayers.

Monday, November 05, 2007

i just filed my appeal this morning for readmittance to my department. please pray for me. i really need your prayers :(

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Joelle. 19. Sober.


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