Save the environment!

Friday, March 26, 2010

More and more environment issues are rising as we go through our daily lives-- global warming, high energy consumption, and lack of clean water to name a few-- and it is only proper that we address these issues one by one to be able to, in a way, help save our world. There are actually many projects and movements that allows people to take further steps to take care of our environment, one of these is the Microsoft Hohm web site. Microsoft Hohm is a web service that aims to make a difference in our world today-- that is by creating more energy saving homes and spreading environmentalist tips and information to more and more people. At Microsoft Hohm, you will be able to find a lot of energy saving tips for your home-- the simplest things can actually mean a lot. I, myself, have learned a lot of things that I can apply to my everyday habits to be able to do my part in saving the environment. For example, I always use my laptop at home for internet use and for academic stuff, from Microsoft Hohm, I learned more about my laptop's power options like setting it to hibernate or sleep after a certain period of idle time or set its display to a lower setting to save more home energy. Energy saving is not meant to be hard-- it's just a matter of setting your mind on to it and try your best to start with the little things. Visit Microsoft Hohm's web site and now and get your own personalized energy saving tips and start helping to save the world. Start with your home appliances-- set your water heater to a lower temperature setting, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or fluorescents which are more efficient-- things like that. Very simple things but can turn out to give you more savings financially and environmentally.

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