warning: multiple mood swings ahead.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


all of us, at some point in our life, are vulnerable. we may be too happy, too sad, too scared, too bitter. we try our best to become stronger -- but maybe sometimes we try a bit too hard. Too hard, making us just as vulnerable if we didn't try.


people watching.

i've always enjoyed watching people and creating stories about their miserable lives. observing. judging. okay, okay, i'm judgemental -- but so what? don't you just enjoy making fun of other people? haha. okay, maybe that was too mean. but imagine this--

you're sitting in starbucks, trying to mind your own business when suddenly, a woman walks right past you. wearing heels, short denim shorts and an outrageous top that looked more like "ruffles na tinubuan ng damit".

isa siyang malaking RUFFLE.

isang maitim, mataba, maarteng RUFFLE.

nagpapapansin, pilit nagpapapansin at pamansin ng mga inosenteng tao na walang pakialam sa mga RUFFLE na katulad niya.

ang sama-sama ko. ayokong maging RUFFLE katulad niya. AYOKO. AYOKO!

...hangover lang yan.

ikaw, cool ka rin ba nung 90's?

P.S. ang iingay ng mga koreano. nakakapagpabagabag.


orange juice --

my current favorite drink.



brightens up my day.

satisfies me.

quenches my thirst -- but not completely.

for some weird reason, after a while, it makes me thirsty again.

makes me want more.

will you be my orange juice?

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