Monday, December 24, 2007

Okay, so I really don't feel the least bit Christmassy right now. And it sucks. Where did my childhood go? Hehe. It's only 4 hours to go till Christmas and here I am in front of the computer contemplating where my Christmas spirit went. It sucks. Really.

What has happened. What a year. My academics has now become my major problem as I can not seem to find the energy to pass my subjects. Oh please help me. I can not afford to fail anymore. I have a problem set and machine problem in my favorite subject (a doctorate in CS 32, Ha!), machine exercises in a class I have not gone to yet (CS 145), and two failed exams just before Christmas break. Yey! Congratulations, Joelle, for being such an ass. Ha!

I really want to pass. I need to change! And study! I need a study partner!!! Please. *Cries buckets of tears*

Okay, so let us try to not change the subject and go back to Christmas. I will try my best to squeeze out all that is left of my Christmas spirit and send out greetings! Yey!

To my family, I know I have disappointed you in so many ways this year and still you stick with me and accept me for who I am. I can not promise you anything but I will try my best to do better next year. Thank you. I love you so much :)

To my friends:

Mayee, my live in partner and bffl. Ang patapon natin. Kailangan na natin magbago. Pero at least hindi na tayo bitter ngayong Pasko. Mahal kita! I will be there for you no matter what! Thanks for everything. :)

Gia, best friend! I miss you so much. Thanks for being there for me. I love you!

Tere, Mai, Mara, Moreeen. Mga gago kayo miss ko na kayo! Magpakita kayo! haha! Love you!

Mel and Danigirl, I miss you! Let us date soon! :)
Hanna Banana. Magreply ka babae ka. Miss na din kita! Aylabshu!
Edel Dear. Mahal kita! Thanks for everything :)
Carla, kahit may boyfriend na ako labs pa rin kita! Haha!
Patring, Allison, Marielle, HK! Let us party! :) Miss ko na kayo!
Trevor Monsod! Be happy! Smile! We love you! :)
Miggy Piggy! Let us sing and dance soon! haha! :)
Power Memcom: Hazelle, Julian, Ging, KC, Maxi, Perci, Louie, Ruth - Mahal ko kayo! Push lang tayo till next year! Kaya natin to :)
ICTUS! I MISS YOU!!!!!! Bawi ako next year, pramis :)

Tutpik, Pat, Lew, Reah, Janina, Len, Boji, Yen, inom tayo! inom lang nang inom! Haha! Mahal ko kayo! Magpapayaman pa tayo sa 7-11!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CURSOR, kahit 4th lang tayo, who cares? Masaya pa rin tayo and we know we gave our best. :)

To my hot boyfriend: ayan, masaya ka na, hot ka na? Haha! Merry Christmas! Bawal baduy kaya yun na lang muna! Haha! Love you! :)

Sa lahat lahat, Merry Christmas! God bless :)

I am, at the moment, cooking a dish for our Noche Buena. No, it's not burning. Yet. So don't worry. I just wanted to greet you all a Merry Christmas!!! Yey. That's all the Christmas spirit you can get from me right now. Toodles!

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