Sunday, August 26, 2007

i decided to cut my hair short as a way of catharsis (as carla said haha). yep, i had my hair cut short last last wednesday (oo, ngayon ko lang nablog. busy?) and many people have been quite shocked by the big change that i did to my hair. well, as arvin also said, maybe this will be the start of something new -- maybe good changes to my life will happen after this -- kumbaga, it has to start somewhere 'di ba? change of image = change of life style = change of life (yehes!)

well, after i cut my hair, it was kinda weird but i really felt good and light and all that. i felt as if i lost so much baggage. gumaan talaga yung feeling ko. i really don't know what it is with girls and cutting their hair when something happens (it's either you're in love or you're out of love, they say), but hair cuts really help! hehe. i think i won't be having one any time soon though. naisip ko tuloy, pano kung maheartbroken na naman ako, wala na kong magugupit sa buhok ko, ayoko naman magpakalbo! haha.

i have yet to see more changes in my self. perhaps i'll start attending my classes diligently. and perhaps i'll stop cramming. (yeah right.)

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