100th post

Monday, July 16, 2007

oh how unlucky my miserable self is. you'll never guess what happened to me the other night. and i'd rather not talk about it. i wonder why i even brought it up here. anyway.

yes, i've made it to the 100th post! after a year? or so. ha ha.
i'm so tired. but it's great because parents' day is finished already! and it was superb -- i swear. congratulations dani girl (the best Judas. my family loved you. :p). congratulations to ictus. everyone did a great job, as in! it was really overwhelming -- seeing almost all the members there, helping out. thanks guys. super.

to our Jesus, trevor, good job, dami mong fans. haha.
to our Magdalene, gia, congratulations because you overcame your stage fright and you were able to sing so well you also overcame your frustration. :p
to Caiaphas and Annas, bingo and dani -- angas niyo ah. haha! good job fratmen.
to Pilate, carla, you were such a bitch. haha. joke lang! that's meant in a good way, labyu carla ahahaha peace. :p
to Simon, julian, OMG, we were such great dancers. haha!
to Peter, mel, hoorah for the costume and for the wonderful singing :)
to the nerds, you did a great, effortless job. joke lang. haha. galing niyo, nakakatawa :P
to the BA girls, tulad ng sabi ko kay carla, you were such bitches. haha! coolio.
to my masscomm gays --err girls, i love it, we were so funny yet so hot. mahal ko kayo, we're the best! haha! self-important.

to everyone, ang galing talaga. super. kahit nagkandaloko-loko ang sounds (hahahah rally forever!!), ang galing parin because we were able to pull it off. i swear, ang ganda ng experience na 'to, it really made my day a whole lot better. salamat salamat salamat. i'm so proud of all of us. you see, kaya naman natin talaga, mag-effort lang tayo :)

to to the execom, congratulations, we did it! can't wait to have the parents' day film showing. :)

(oi, wag kalimutan ang buddy bidding sa wednesday. ok? olrayt. tuloy lang natin 'to, we're starting the year right :) )

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