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Saturday, April 14, 2007

...from the retreat and from the effing enrolment.

nope, i'm not yet done enrolling ALTHOUGH there is a rather amusing story behind that.

see, i was supposed to go to UP last Thursday to enroll. But nooooooooo, mara and I decided to just enlist outside of UP since it was possible to do so. We just got back from the retreat so we were all kind of tired and hungry (hey, our last meal was 7am pa!) so there. well, I ended up getting one subject that I didn't need at all. A 7-9am Pan Pil 17 class. Ha ha. I just thought that maybe it would be better to have the full 6 units instead of just having 3 units. At least it would be easier to change subjects, right? So my mind was set on just doing prerog on Monday when I get to class, since I figured that getting a Math class (which I really really needed) was already quite impossible. So I just went out and watched "The Reaping" (which really sucked by the way) that night and decided to go home on Friday (yesterday).

Friday. I was lying in bed all day, just asking my friends to enlist my Math class for me. Since all of them were having no luck in getting our subject, I thought that going to UP pa would be just a big waste of time and effort. But NOOOO, I was wrong. My friend was able to get a Math class. So I decided to go there at around 4pm already (enrolment is up to 5pm lang!) to at least accomplish the other parts of the enrolment. I may not get my math subject but at least I could finish enrolling na, right? So I went to MH215 and TRIED enlisting my Math 55 class... I was there for like 10 minutes, refreshing the page constantly to no avail -- all sections were closed already... Well, at least until RJ came. Ha ha. He taught me the magic of auto refresh and the page was auto refreshing every 5 seconds (believe me, I never thought auto refreshing could become this handy and useful)... We even tried this "technique" to auto enlist in the subject -- and then the moment i've been waiting for came... One of the red-colored phrases became blue!!! Yes folks, a class suddenly had a free slot. And because of all the shock and excitement we had in seeing that blue spark of hope, it took us a delay time of like 5 seconds before I was able to click the "Enlist" button. But luckily, despite the 5-second delay, I still got the class (Oh, thank God). Then we went running around Eng'g to fix my enrolment -- as in literally running around. We only had around 30minutes left to finish up on getting my form 5 and all the advising and stuff so we were really like in some sort of "enrolment marathon". Ha ha. And then I emerged victorious. Haggard, yes, but successful nonetheless. I only have to pay for my tuition on Monday morning. Yehey. So happy. I couldn't believe how lucky I was yesterday, even though it was a Friday the 13th. :D

So there. With that enrolment story done, let's move on to the retreat! Yey! It was really fun actually. Not that kind of "cry-cry" retreat but more of the fun but VERY spiritual and "whapakk" retreat. I tell you, I had so much of those "whapakk" moments I emerged a changed person (yeah right) haha. But seriously though, I was able to think about SO many things and I was able to realize a lot of things too. As in. And it was nice. :)

Here are a few quotes to leave you thinking:

"Give them everything, so there is no reason to fail." - St. Ignatius

"You can trust people but you don't (have to) believe in the warranty." - Simon, "With Honors"

And from Father Jboy...

"If you don't know the facts of that person, you are just loving the IDEA of that person."

"Character is who you are when no one's looking."

"Kaya hindi exciting ang relationships kasi pinapangunahan!" <-- I love this quote. :)

Ha ha. Great :)

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