summer na!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

bakasyon na. time for movie dates, beach outings, and super siestas.

if only i could have all that. ilang linggo lang ang bakasyon eh. (crappy summer classes)

but then again, i just realized how much i LOVE qc (katips specifically) last week. i went home here in alabang last wednesday (yey tut field trip may free donut at slush ako sa gonuts! haha), for those three days i spent here (i went back to up for the induction nung saturday), GRABEEEEEE, as in parang feeling ko disconnected na ko sa mundo. na-aggravate siguro nung i had to turn down two invites to drink and be merry within those three days. ha ha. pero still! wala lang. and i'm so conyo i hate it.

ANYWAY, it's holy week, and i've decided to lessen my texting (well, at least for this week) for two -- no, three reasons: one, because my cellphone bill last month went up to about 2,000 pesos; two, because it's holy week (para may penance kunwari); and three, because i want to keep myself from texting someone. hee hee style :D

oh, and weirdly, i'm so giddy i hate it. but hate is such a strong word (ha ha), and i should actually be thankful that i'm not depressed right now. 'di ba? mas mabuti nang masaya (for no reason?) kesa depressed and sad and down for some reasons :) in other words, i'd rather be insanely happy than normally sad. did i make sense there? no. i didn't think so too. haha.

oh, and this is a nice song. someone told me that i should look for it and download it, saying that it was a really good song -- and i guess i'd have to agree with him. :)

you don't know me -- bette midler

You give your hand to me
and then you say, "Hello."
And I can hardly speak,
my heart is beating so.
And anyone can tell
you think you know me well.
Hell, you don't know me.
You don't know me.

You don't know the one
who dreams of you at night;
longs to kiss your lips
and longs to hold you tight.
To you I'm just a friend.
That's all I've ever been.
You don't know me.

You, you just don't know me,
'cause I never knew the art of making love,
though my heart, oh my heart, oh my heart
is aching just for you.
Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by.
The chance that you might learn to love me too.

You give your hand to me,
and then you say, you say, "Goodbye."
I watch you walk away,
wishing you were mine.
You'll never ever know the girl who loves you so.
You don't know me. No, no, baby.

You don't know me.
No, no, no, no, no, no, baby, baby.
You don't know me, know me, know me.
Please know me.
Late in the midnight hour
I dream of you only.
But I am lonely.
Please know me.
Be my baby. C'mon, be my baby.
Late in the midnight hour
I live for you, baby.
Why don't you know me?
Be my baby.
Why you mean to me?
Mean to me . . .

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