Long weekend

Friday, February 12, 2010

I went home yesterday to attend the funeral of my Tito Erwin (rest in peace Tito Erwin! We'll miss you!) so I decided not to go to class nalang kahapon and today.


SO I've been bumming around since yesterday and grabe I'm so bored. Tapos naisip ko sobrang daming oras na nasasayang 'pag nandito lang ako sa bahay. It's either I'm MOE-ING or I'm sleeping. Or eating.

Haha. Very productive, ano?

Tomorrow i'll be going on my PI 100 field trip so I'd have to wake up early! Wish me luck kasi baka maiwan ako ng bus. :)) On Sunday naman, on Valentine's Day aka Single Awareness Day or SAD, me and my family will be watching the hot air balloon festival sa Clark! :) Yey! Exciting! Finally something to look forward to. Haha. Ang bilis no, parang kelan lang kakasimula palang ng 2010, now kalahati na ng Feb. How fast time flies. Hay. Before I know it I'll be working na! Gad. Well, I guess that's better than just bumming around like this 'di ba. Haha. At least I'd be around more people :)

Grabe I'm graduating na, I can't believe it. Parang kelan lang I was still a freshie in UP ngayon ggraduate na ko. Huhu. Gusto ko pa mag-aral. Pero gusto ko na rin grumaduate :)) Hay.

I'm so happy right now, how is everyone else?:) I've learned to not expect and just let things happen. That does us a lot of good, really. If you expect kasi madalas madidisappoint ka lang. If you don't expect, you'll be very happy if something happens. 'Di ba? I'm still working on the detachment thing-- yeah, detachment is key guys! If you don't wanna get too involved or if you don't wanna get hurt, you'd have to be less attached to stuff (or people haha!). Yun lang. Very insightful yet boring day.

Might watch The Blind Side later. :) 'Pag sobrang na-bore na ako. Haha.

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