awfully hard to breathe

Thursday, August 10, 2006

i'm again in an internet shop, passing time. waiting for my one hour to come.

i ate dinner at mcdo with mara and her blockmates, while they were studying for their bio exam -- and dude, i tell you, it is very weird to spend time with a group of people who happen to have too much in common (in this case, bio. God, they were talking about meristems and phloems and stuff like that. i found out that there exists two kinds of chlorophyll, a and b. akalain mo nga naman) same goes of course if you spend time with us cs students especially after a cs class -- spare yourself and stay away from the registers. (shet, nerdy nerdy!)

last night was extreme. moreen, gia, and i, did not sleep - in fact, we didn't go home till about 6am. where did we go? places. it was fun, and liberating, and very intellectual (YES, we learned alot). it kinda sucks because i left what i wrote last night at home. it was a bit more detailed and meaningful, perhaps i'll post it soon.

so there. that's all. why is it hard to breathe? i don't know. maybe because AWIEUsdkfjaleiru01293813-498-5itgjv j[aera['f' =0-943-=`.

i don't know. that's life. i should just sleep, shouldn't i?

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